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Bridging Compassion with Science for Equine Excellence

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Equine Veterinarian Woodinville, WA

Equine Veterinarian in Woodinville, WA

Welcome to Equine Innovative Medicine, where we believe every owner deserves peace of mind knowing their equine companion is in capable equine veterinarian hands!

Woodinville, WA, is renowned for its strong equestrian culture and high standard of horse care provided by various established veterinarians and clinics since as far back as 1975. Our practice stands out with an emphasis on personalizing veterinary services to meet each horse’s unique needs.

As an equine veterinarian, we are not only knowledgeable but deeply committed to providing top-quality care. We leverage state-of-the-art technology and a compassionate approach to ensure your horses receive the best possible treatment from an experienced equine veterinarian.

Learn more about our mission to keep your horses healthy and happy!

Our Mission

We aim to provide comprehensive equine veterinary services that focus on the well-being and peak performance of horses.

Our compassionate team works tirelessly to build a strong bond between horses and their owners, ensuring that every horse receives personalized care tailored to its specific needs.

We commit ourselves to bring advanced equine care directly to the community’s doorstep. Through holistic approaches and state-of-the-art medicine, our goal is not only to treat but also prevent future health issues in horses.

By offering ongoing support for horse enthusiasts and education for equine care, we strive daily to elevate the standards of veterinary services for all equines in Woodinville, WA.

Equine Veterinarian Woodinville, WA


Performance Evaluations
Diagnostic Imaging
Joint Therapy

Equine Veterinarian Woodinville, WA

Our Expert Equine Veterinarian Approach

Individualized Treatment Plans

Every horse is unique, requiring specialized attention and care. Recognizing this need, Equine Innovative Medicine excels in creating individualized treatment plans that address the specific health requirements of each horse.

Our experienced equine veterinarian care team meticulously assesses the condition of your horse, relying on comprehensive equine exams and advanced diagnostics to develop a plan precisely suited to your equine’s needs.

Ongoing Support for Owners

Our dedicated team makes sure that horse owners get all the help and advice they need to take care of their horses. We’re there for them at all times, from regular health check-ups to emergencies, making sure both horses and their owners can get expert guidance whenever it’s necessary.

This strong support helps build a better relationship between veterinarians and horse lovers, leading to healthier horses.

Emphasis on Horse Health and Performance

We ensure every treatment aligns with the horse’s unique needs, aiming for peak performance, whether in daily activities or competitive events.

Through comprehensive equine veterinarian services, Equine Innovative Medicine focuses on preventing injuries and swiftly addressing any health concerns that may arise.

Our approach ensures horses receive the best possible care while supporting owners in maintaining their equine’s well-being and maximizing their potential.

Who We Are

At Equine Innovative Medicine, our mission is “Bridging Compassion with Science for Equine Excellence.” As an equine veterinarian, we are dedicated to blending the art of traditional veterinary medicine with the innovations of holistic care, ensuring a comprehensive approach to equine health and wellness. Our commitment to whole patient care involves understanding the unique relationship between horses and their owners, and striving to meet their shared goals for long-term well-being. Through international collaboration and a steadfast dedication to our craft, we foster a global community of care, uniting horse enthusiasts in the pursuit of excellence. With every horse we treat, we aim to embody the tenacity, grit, and perseverance that the equine community deserves. Trust in Equine Innovative Medicine as your equine veterinarian for exceptional and compassionate care.

Meet Dr. Christina HowardMeet Dr. Jodi Chadim

Equine Veterinarian Woodinville, WA

Equine Veterinarian Woodinville, WA

Why Choose Our Equine Veterinarian Practice?

Equine Innovative Medicine stands out for its seasoned expertise and commitment to equine health.

Our veterinarians, including Dr. Jodi Chadim and Dr. Christina Howard with their profound experience in equine health, are dedicated to offering not just treatments but also education for horse owners about maintaining their horse’s health and performance.

Choosing us means opting for trusted care that supports both the physical and emotional well-being of your horses through every stage of their lives.


What are your hours of operation?

Mon – Fri: 9am – 5pm
Sat & Sun: Closed

Are you taking new clients?

Our availability for new clients can change throughout the year depending on show seasons and our current schedule. Please call to inquiry if we are taking new clients at this time.

Do you offer emergency services?

No. We do not offer emergency services.

Do you have a clinic I can haul my horse to?

No. All of our services are exclusively ambulatory.

How much will a vet visit cost me?

All of our services range in price and the total cost of a visit will depend on procedures performed and services rendered. Please call for an estimate.

Can I order my horse’s medications through you?

Yes. We can fill the majority of prescription requests within 48-72 hours for existing clients (with some exceptions for compounded formulas). If we have not seen your horse in 1 year or more, an appointment will need to be scheduled for an exam before medication can be dispensed for the patient.

How can I pay my bill?

We offer several easy ways to pay.

  • You can request a secure payment link through the ‘Pay My Bill’ section on our website [links are only sent M-F, 9-5, excluding holidays].
  • Call us at (425) 485-8616 to provide a credit card over the phone.
  • Send a check to the mailing address listed on our ‘Contact’ page. If you are unable to pay your bill in its entirety, please call us to set up a payment arrangement to avoid finance charges.

What is the turnaround time for Coggins?

Coggins tests are completed by a local lab within 48 hours after submission.

What is the turnaround time for a Health Certificate for out of state travel?

Health Certificates for travel within the US are submitted through Global Vet Link (GVL) and have a 24-hour TAT. International Health Certificates (travel to Canada) are completed by the USDA and take 3-5 business days to complete.

Your Horse’s Peak Performance is Our Priority

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Equine Veterinarian Woodinville, WA